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Acrylic and collage on canvas
10 x 8 inches
Inventory # 08-J-07

This painting makes a small, but bold statement. It is executed in black and white while the cloud in the center is cut paper from a drypoint print exhibiting a subtle, scribbly texture.

This piece will be part of the Small Works 2008 exhibit.


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Acrylic on canvas
10 x 8 inchesInventory # 08-J-08

This painting is elegant in its simplicity. The background is a subtle pale blue, while the cloud image is painted in an iridescent gold. The appearance of the gold paint changes depending on the angle of the light.

This will be part of the Small Works 2008 exhibit.

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Sneak Peak

Acrylic and collage on canvas
10 x 8 inches
inventory # 08-J-05

Here is a sneak preview of one of the paintings I will be exhibiting in The Small Works exhibit at Some Space Gallery.

This piece is mostly collage on canvas. The gold cloud image was cut with an x-acto from this beautiful reflective gold paper that I found. The droplet forms are cut paper from an old etching that I did back during my undergraduate days at The University of Washington. I guess being a pack rat has it’s advantages. Once I had everything glued down to the canvas I sealed it with acrylic medium so it has a slightly glossy surface.

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Small Works 2008

Here is a list of the participating artists for the Small Works 2008 exhibit at Some Space. This will be one not to be missed.

Opening: First Thursday November 5th, 2008 from 6:00-9:00pm
Show runs through Dec 27th, 2008
more info at SomeSpaceGallery.com

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The Small Works exhibit, a group show featuring, as you may have guessed, small artworks will open in two weeks at Some Space Gallery. I’m suggesting you mark your calendar and show up at the opening for the First Thursday Art Walk on November 5th, 2008. If you are late and all the little jewels of artistic excellence are gone you won’t have me to blame.

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Cloud Drawing #3

Cloud Drawing #3
Graphite and white china marker on paper
Image size 9.5 x 7.5 inches
Inventory # 08-J-03

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New Cloud Drawing

Cloud Drawing #2
Graphite and china marker on paper
Image size 9.5 x 7.5 inches
Inventory # 08-J-02

Here is another new cloud drawing. These are fun to do. I’ve been inspired by decorative Japanese painting and the simple repetitive patterns I find in those works. I like the playful mood in this piece and the ambiguity of the space.

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