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by Adriana Grant, Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Collectively, ‘Small Works’ leaves a sizable impression

Visit Some Space gallery and you’ll find a smattering of great art. All of it, this month, is small. In the second annual “Small Works” exhibit, which opened Thursday, no artwork exceeds 12 inches on a side.

A trippy, intricately patterned, magenta, tie-dyed canvas, “Masquerade” by Robert Hardgrave, is 1 square foot. Similar work (only much larger) was shown at Lawrimore Project early this year. Another 12-by-12-inch painting is covered…

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Cloud Drawings @ Etsy

Cloud Drawing #4
Graphite and white china marker on paper
Image size 9.5 x 7.5 inches
Inventory # 08-J-04

For your convenience you may now browse some of my cloud drawings available for purchase in my online etsy.com shop. These drawings are matted with acid free archival white mats in standard size formats for easy framing. You may wish to bookmark my shop because I will be adding new works regularly as they become available. Check it out! www.noahoverby.etsy.com.

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